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Overall plan for China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone

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Overall plan for China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone

赋予海南经济特区改革开放新的使命,是习近平总书记亲自谋划、亲自部署、亲自推动的重大国家战略。The construction of China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as the pilot Free Trade Zone) is a major decision made by the Party Central Committee and The State Council focusing on the overall situation of international and domestic development, in-depth research, overall consideration and scientific planning, and is a major measure demonstrating China's determination to expand opening up and actively promote economic globalization。为深入贯彻习近平总书记在庆祝海南建省办经济特区30周年大会上的重要讲话精神,落实《菠菜信用网》要求,高标准高质量建设自贸试验区,制定本方案。

I. General requirements

(1) Guiding ideology。Hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics,We will fully implement the principles of the 19th CPC National Congress and the second and Third Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee,Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,Uphold and strengthen the Party's overall leadership,Adhere to a people-centered approach to development,Adhere to the general principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability,Adhere to a new vision for development,We will pursue high-quality development,We will make coordinated efforts to advance the overall plan of the "five-in-One" initiative and the "four-pronged comprehensive" strategy,We will focus on supply-side structural reform,Emancipate the mind and make bold innovations,Adhere to opening up first,System innovation as the core,Give greater autonomy to reform,Bold try, bold, independent change,We deepened reforms to streamline administration, delegate power, improve regulation, and provide better services,We will accelerate the formation of a law-based, internationalized and convenient business environment and a fair, open, unified and efficient market environment,The concept of ecological civilization will be integrated into the whole process of building the pilot free trade zone,We will actively explore new models of eco-green development in pilot free trade zones,Strengthen reform system integration,Strive to achieve more institutional innovation results,Demonstrate the role of comprehensively deepening reform and expanding opening up of experimental fields。

(2) Strategic positioning。Give full play to the overall advantages of Hainan Island pilot,We will focus on building pilot zones for comprehensively deepening reform and opening up, national ecological civilization pilot zones, international tourism consumption centers, and national major strategic service guarantee zones,We will adopt a more proactive opening-up strategy,We will move faster to build a new system of open economy,We will promote a new pattern of all-round opening up,Make Hainan an important opening door facing the Pacific and Indian Oceans。

3. Development goals。We will benchmark advanced international rules, continue to deepen reform and exploration, promote high-quality development with high-level opening up, and accelerate the establishment of an open ecological service industry system。到2020年,Major progress was made in building pilot free trade zones,International openness has increased significantly,We will strive to build a high-standard and high-quality pilot free trade zone featuring convenient investment and trade, a standardized legal environment, sound financial services, safe and efficient supervision, first-class ecological and environmental quality, and outstanding radiation-driving role,To gradually explore and steadily promote the construction of Hainan free trade port,We will lay a solid foundation for establishing a free trade port policy system step by step and in stages。

Second, build a pilot free trade zone on the whole island of Hainan

(4) Scope of implementation。The pilot free trade zone covers the entire island of Hainan。The development and utilization of land and sea areas in the pilot free trade zone shall comply with national laws and regulations, implement the requirements of ecological civilization and green development, comply with the overall plan of Hainan Province of "integrating multiple regulations", and meet the relevant requirements of saving and intensive land and sea use。Where uninhabited islands are involved, the relevant provisions of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Islands shall be complied with。

(5) Functional division。In accordance with the requirements of the overall plan of Hainan Province, the industrial layout of Hainan Island should be scientifically arranged with the development of tourism, modern service industry and high-tech industry as the leading role。In accordance with the needs of development, we will add special customs supervision areas, carry out institutional innovation in the special customs supervision areas with investment and trade liberalization and facilitation as the main content, and mainly carry out international investment and trade, bonded logistics, bonded maintenance and other businesses。Additional customs supervision and quarantine areas will be set up in Sanya to carry out the introduction and transfer of global animal and plant germplasm resources。

Third, accelerate the building of a new system of open economy

6. Significantly relaxing market access for foreign investment。The management system of pre-establishment national treatment plus negative list will be fully implemented for foreign investment。We will deepen opening up of modern agriculture, high-tech industries, and modern service industries, and intensify opening up in key areas such as seed industry, medical care, education, tourism, telecommunications, the Internet, culture, finance, aviation, Marine economy, and new-energy vehicle manufacturing。Restrictions on foreign ownership in the breeding of new varieties of vegetables and seed production will be lifted。We will delegate the approval authority for foreign investment in value-added telecommunications services to Hainan Province, cancel the restrictions on foreign ownership of domestic multi-party communication services, Internet access services for Internet users, storage and forwarding services, and allow foreign investors to invest in domestic Internet virtual private network services (foreign ownership does not exceed 50%).。Allow the establishment of foreign-invested performance groups (Chinese holding)。The foreign ownership limit of life insurance companies will be relaxed to 51%。Restrictions on foreign ownership in the design, manufacture and maintenance of ships (including sections), trunk lines, branch lines and general aircraft will be lifted。Remove the requirement that oil and gas exploration and development be conducted through product-sharing contracts with oil and gas companies approved by the Chinese government with foreign cooperation franchises。Restrictions on foreign ownership in international maritime transport companies and international shipping agencies will be lifted。Wholly foreign-owned construction enterprises established in the pilot free trade zone are allowed to undertake construction projects in the zone, not subject to the investment ratio of the two sides of the project。Foreign professionals who have obtained the first-level registered architect or first-level registered structural engineer qualification are allowed to set up architectural engineering design firms as partners in accordance with the corresponding qualification standards。Restrictions on foreign investment in new-energy vehicle manufacturing will be lifted。

7. Improving trade facilitation。For the goods entering the Nanyangpu Bonded Port area, in addition to the import and export prohibition and export restrictions and goods requiring inspection and quarantine, the cargo entry and exit management system of "first-line liberalization and second-line efficient control" will be tried out。Accelerate the construction of a "single window" for international trade with international advanced levels, promote data coordination, simplification and standardization, realize the collection of logistics and regulatory information in the whole process, and realize the exchange of information, mutual recognition of supervision, and mutual law enforcement assistance among regulatory units。Based on the status information of customs clearance logistics of the port management department, the operation information is integrated to form a complete comprehensive information database of customs clearance logistics status to provide enterprises with whole-process data services。Strengthen law enforcement cooperation between port management departments and implement cross-departmental one-time joint inspections。Maritime, transportation and ship inspection departments will share information on ship certificates。We will actively promote the systematic construction of the average release and clearance time of goods, and establish standardized measurement standards and transparent announcement mechanisms。Expand the scope of commodities and institutions to which third-party inspection results can be accepted。In accordance with the free trade agreement arrangements, promote the implementation of the independent declaration of origin system and the advance ruling system of origin。Expand the scope of application of the temporary import goods document system and extend the validity period of the document list。Parallel import automobile enterprises can use price pre-adjudication, aggregate taxation and other customs clearance facilitation measures。Innovation export goods patent dispute guarantee release method。We supported the launch of trials of customs tax guarantee insurance。Simplify licensing procedures for wildlife exports。

8. Creating a model for comprehensive trade regulation。We will study how to grant the general VAT taxpayer qualification to enterprises in the special customs supervision area, and fully implement the classification supervision of goods status in the special customs supervision area。To study and support the implementation of bonded supervision of the "two ends outside" aviation maintenance business outside the special customs supervision area。Under the premise of controllable risk, innovate maintenance supervision mode and carry out foreign cruise ship maintenance business。We will improve the risk early warning and rapid response mechanism for imported commodities, strengthen safety risk monitoring, and implement a safety problem investigation system。Establish a safety traceability system for import and export of important products, realize the traceability of the whole process information of key and sensitive products, and connect with the national important product traceability platform to achieve information sharing。The export of high-quality agricultural products is exempted from issuing inspection and quarantine certificates and filing。Optimize the quarantine inspection process of special experimental items for global collaborative research and development of biomedicine。Improve the layout of the international mail Exchange Bureau (exchange station), strengthen the construction of the international express supervision center, and build an important cross-border e-commerce delivery center。Support the establishment of bonded delivery warehouses for commodity futures in special customs supervision areas and bonded supervision places。

9. Promoting trade transformation and upgrading。We will foster new forms and models of trade and support the development of cross-border e-commerce, global maintenance and other forms of business。We will explore ways to establish a negative list management system for cross-border trade in services。We will support Hainan in enjoying the policy of service outsourcing as a model city, and establish an export base for distinctive services。We will support Hainan in setting up a comprehensive pilot zone for cross-border e-commerce, and improve and enhance customs supervision, finance, logistics and other support systems。Support cross-border e-commerce enterprises to build overseas warehouses covering key countries and key markets。We will support the development of cross-border e-commerce retail import online shopping bonded。Support the establishment of international cultural and art trading venues in special customs supervision areas, and carry out bonded cultural and art exhibition, auction and trading business for the world according to law and compliance。Record management of imported cosmetics for non-special use will be implemented on a pilot basis。We will support spot offshore trading and bonded delivery of rubber and other bulk commodities。Support multinational companies and trading companies to establish and develop global or regional trade networks and build regional offshore trade centers。Support qualified oil supply enterprises to carry out bonded oil supply business for international sailing ships, and build bonded oil supply bases。The authority to review and approve international express business licenses will be delegated to the Hainan Provincial Postal Administration。

10. Accelerating financial openness and innovation。We will give full play to the important role of finance in supporting the construction of the pilot free trade zone, introduce a package of policies and measures in the financial sector, take serving the real economy and facilitating trade, investment and financing as the starting point and goal, and take institutional innovation as the core, and vigorously promote the financial opening and innovation of the pilot free trade zone。We will further expand the cross-border use of the RMB, explore capital account convertibility, deepen the reform of foreign exchange management, explore investment and financing exchange facilitation, expand the opening up of the financial sector, and provide quality financial services for trade and investment facilitation。

11. Strengthening international cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative。In accordance with the principle of "extensive consultation, joint construction and sharing", we will build an all-round three-dimensional open channel。We will encourage countries and regions along the Belt and Road to participate in the construction of pilot free trade zones。We will support Belt and Road countries in establishing consular offices in Hainan。We will support scientific and technological innovation cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road, including scientific and technological people-to-people exchanges, joint laboratory construction, science and technology park cooperation, and technology transfer。We will promote Haikou and Sanya to expand their air rights arrangements, including the fifth air rights, with countries and regions along the Belt and Road, improve the flight support capacity of airports, and attract airlines from relevant countries and regions to open routes via Hainan。Carry out exchanges, cooperation and functional docking with the free trade parks of the "Belt and Road" countries and regions in investment, trade, finance and education。

Fourth, accelerate innovation and development of the service sector

12. Promoting the agglomeration of modern service industries。Relying on the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, vigorously develop international medical tourism and high-end medical services, and study appropriate tariff reduction for some medical devices that need to be imported within the pilot zone and have high tariff rates。Support the development of clinical cutting-edge stem cell medical technology research projects。Relying on the existing foundation of the pharmaceutical industry, we will explore pilot projects to transfer and transform the achievements of major national science and technology projects for the development of major new drugs。Chinese and foreign airlines are encouraged to open or expand direct international routes to Hainan, the main source of global tourists。Support the holding of large-scale international exhibitions and festivals such as the International Commodity Expo, international film Festival, China (Hainan) International Marine Industry Expo, as well as exhibitions suitable for Hainan's industrial characteristics such as cultural tourism and international brands。We will improve supervision of international conferences, events and exhibitions, and further simplify the management of quarantine examination and approval of exhibits。Support the introduction of international professional service institutions such as planning, architectural engineering, architectural design, arbitration, accounting, intellectual property, medical and health care, film and television, and exhibition, and promote the agglomeration of service elements。To authorize the Pilot Free Trade Zone to formulate administrative measures for the practice of professionals from Hong Kong and Macao, allowing professionals in such service fields as finance, architecture, planning and patent agency qualified for practice in Hong Kong and Macao to provide professional services to enterprises in the pilot Free trade Zone after being registered。We will support Hainan in piloting supply chain innovation and application。Build a global business logistics node of China Unicom International and domestic, and promote the communication of logistics information such as ports, airports, railway stations and logistics parks。Strengthen the construction of cold chain infrastructure network, create an island fast cold chain channel, and provide high-quality cold chain express logistics services。In the field of transportation, we will improve express processing facilities and green channels, improve international express processing capacity, and provide services to drive cross-border e-commerce and other related industries。Construction of natural rubber based international tropical agricultural products trading center, pricing center, price index release center。Set up an auction center for tropical agricultural products。We will support the improvement of cross-border consumer services。High standards to build business integrity model province。

13. Enhancing international shipping capacity。Relying on the pilot free trade Zone, we will develop and utilize Marine resources in a scientific and orderly manner, foster and strengthen a distinctive Marine economy, and build a service support base in the South China Sea。Build an international shipping hub with strong service functions and radiation capabilities, and constantly improve the allocation of global shipping resources。Vigorously introduce domestic and foreign shipping enterprises to set up regional headquarters or operation centers in the pilot free trade zone, and promote the agglomeration of shipping factors。Actively cultivate and expand the supply enterprises of foreign ships, enrich the supply varieties of foreign ships, and provide daily necessities, spare parts, materials, engineering services and agency services for ships entering the pilot free trade zone。We will make use of the existing tax policy for flag of convenience ships to promote the registration of qualified ships in the pilot free trade zone。We will expand the scope of domestic and foreign trade co-ship transport and national piggyback transport, and improve the overall efficiency of transport capacity and resources。We will support domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions in providing high-end shipping services such as shipping insurance, shipping arbitration, average adjustment, shipping transactions, and ship financial leasing, and build a modern international shipping service platform。Support the establishment of specialized local legal shipping insurance institutions。Cultivate and develop professional third-party ship management companies。We will gradually open up the classification inspection of international vessels of Chinese nationality。The administrative licensing power of non-vessel carriers and foreign-funded international ship management business will be delegated to Hainan Province。

14. Improving high-end tourism service capabilities。Develop cruise lines around Hainan Island, support cruise companies to expand cruise lines in Southeast Asia and other regions according to market demand, and constantly enrich cruise line products originating from Hainan Cruise port。We will study and support Sanya and other cruise ports in participating in pilot high-seas Tours of Chinese-funded Flag of Convenience cruise ships, and include Hainan in international tourism routes with "one trip and multiple stops"。We actively supported the implementation of the 15-day visa-free entry policy for foreign tourist groups taking cruise ships。Optimize the quarantine supervision mode for cruise ships and cruise passengers。Build an international distribution center for cruise tourism ashore, and establish a customs supervision system for inspection, quarantine, inspection and release that is compatible with the international distribution business。Simplify entry procedures for yachts。Hainan will be allowed to pilot temporary open waters approval for overseas yachts。The implementation of QiongHong Kong and Macao yacht free tour。We will build a first-class international travel health care center to provide high-quality international travel medical services for entry-exit travelers。We will strengthen the construction of a credit system for the tourism industry。

15. Intensify international cooperation in science and technology。Create an open development platform for South breeding technology。Delimit specific areas, establish global transfer bases for the introduction of plant and animal germplasm resources through designated port jurisdiction and strengthening biosafety management, and explore the establishment of transit isolation bases (protected areas), quarantine centers, germplasm preservation centers, and provenance trading centers。We will promote the development of scientific and technological support and personnel training bases for agricultural cooperation with foreign countries。We will introduce cutting-edge scientific and technological resources such as international scientific research institutions and universities in the far-reaching Marine field, and build an international first-class deep-sea scientific and technological innovation platform。Build an open platform for space science and technology development, and promote commercial space development and international space cooperation。

5. Accelerating the transformation of government functions

16. Deepening institutional and administrative reform。The Hainan Provincial People's Government has been granted more autonomy, allocated administrative resources in a scientific way, vigorously transformed government functions, and deepened the reform of "delegating control and service"。We will explore ways to establish an administrative system that is compatible with the construction of pilot free trade zones。We will support pilot free trade zones in exploring ways to increase the overall use of similar establishment resources in accordance with actual needs。We will deepen and improve the reform of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement system。We will exercise inclusive prudential regulation and improve the effectiveness of law enforcement。

17. Creating a world-class business environment。Draw on international experience, conduct business environment assessments, and intensify reforms in starting businesses, handling construction permits, obtaining electricity, registering property, obtaining credit, protecting minority investors, paying taxes, trading across borders, enforcing contracts, and handling bankruptcies。We will promote the effective alignment of pre-market and post-market management measures, implement a fair competition review system, and ensure that all types of market entities have equal access to relevant industries, sectors and businesses in accordance with the law。Accelerate the implementation of the "separation of certificates and licenses" reform, and comprehensively promote the "multiple certificates in one" reform。Simplify the procedures for the establishment of foreign-invested enterprises, and fully implement the business filing and business registration of foreign-invested enterprises.。We will explore ways to establish an exit system for market players in which the ordinary cancellation registration system and the simple cancellation registration system are complementary。

(18) Deepening the optimization of administrative functions and processes。We will comprehensively promote the standardization of administrative examination and approval and administrative services。We will adjust and improve the decentralization of administrative authority at the provincial level, and promote the cancellation, decentralization or delegation of related and similar categories of approval items throughout the chain。The People's Government of Hainan Province shall report land expropriation to The State Council for approval and the People's Government of Hainan Province shall be authorized by The State Council for approval。Carry out the reform of "minimal examination and approval"。We will streamline access procedures for investment projects and explore a new model of build-before-the-post management。The implementation of joint acceptance of construction projects, the realization of "one acceptance", "two final inspection", the implementation of "combination of letters and certificates", "tolerance and deficiency after complement" and other reforms。Clean up and standardize grass-roots certificates, and implement list management for those that are not suitable for cancellation。

(19) Comprehensively implementing the "Internet plus government services" model。Integrate resources and data, and accelerate the construction of an integrated Internet government service platform。Government service matters involving enterprise registration, annual reports, project investment, production and operation, trademarks and patents, qualification recognition, tax and fee processing, and production safety will be accepted, handled and feedback online to the maximum extent possible。Implementation of electronic registration and electronic business license management。Focusing on the hot and difficult issues of social governance such as administrative management, judicial management, urban management, and environmental protection, we will promote the application of artificial intelligence technology and improve the intelligent level of social governance。

20. Improving the system for protecting and applying intellectual property rights。We will promote comprehensive law enforcement of intellectual property rights, and establish inter-departmental and inter-regional mechanisms for the transfer of intellectual property cases, information sharing, and cooperation in investigations。Support the establishment of intellectual property trading centers and promote the construction of intellectual property operation service systems。We will establish a diversified IPR dispute settlement and rights protection assistance mechanism, including administrative law enforcement, arbitration, and mediation, and explore the establishment of a rapid IPR protection mechanism in key industries and areas。We will explore the establishment of a working mechanism for IPR protection in specialized markets in pilot free trade zones, and improve the IPR protection system in the field of circulation。Explore the establishment of a fair intellectual property evaluation mechanism, improve the intellectual property pledge registration system, the intellectual property pledge financing risk sharing mechanism, and the convenient and fast quality disposal mechanism, so as to provide support for expanding financing based on intellectual property pledge。Encourage the exploration of intellectual property securitization, improve the intellectual property trading system and trading mechanism。We will deepen and improve the IPR ownership system that encourages innovation。Build a convenient public service platform for intellectual property rights, set up intellectual property service workstations, and vigorously develop professional intellectual property services。

(21) Making it easier for foreign talents to work。To facilitate the entry and exit, residence and permanent residence of foreign talents working and starting businesses in the pilot free trade zone。We will support the pilot reform of international talent management and allow foreign skilled personnel to work in the pilot free trade zones as required。We will explore ways to establish a global talent recruitment system in line with international standards and a management system to attract foreign high-tech talents。We will open a "green channel" for foreign talents, and thoroughly implement the work permit system for foreigners in China。We will carry out trials of "one-card" services for high-end foreign talents, and establish channels for housing, children's schooling, and medical and social security services。

6. Strengthen the system and mechanisms for preventing and controlling major risks

22. Establishing and improving the operational and post-operational supervision system。We will take risk prevention and control as the bottom line to safeguard national and social security。The Trial Measures for National Security Review of Foreign Investment in Pilot Free Trade Zones shall apply to Foreign Investment in Pilot Free Trade Zones。The pilot free trade zone should establish and improve the in-process and post-event supervision system with credit supervision as the core and compatible with the negative list management method。Cooperate with relevant work such as national security review and anti-monopoly review。Formulate plans and systems for major risk prevention and control, establish emergency response mechanisms, and coordinate solutions to major problems in risk prevention and control。We will improve the social credit system, strengthen the collection and sharing of credit information, promote the disclosure of enterprise information, and improve mechanisms for encouraging trustworthiness and punishing dishonesty。We will promote information sharing among government departments in performing their duties in accordance with the law。Establish a big data efficient supervision model, strengthen risk monitoring and analysis, and establish and improve credit risk classification supervision。

(23) Establishing and improving a trade risk prevention and control system。We will improve customs supervision methods, strengthen entry-exit safety access management, improve supervision of goods and articles prohibited and restricted by the state, and crack down on smuggling activities with precision and efficiency。We will fully implement the anti-smuggling system of joint anti-smuggling, unified handling and comprehensive treatment。Establish an information platform for inbound and outbound security risks in the pilot free trade zone。To ensure that the transactions of import and export goods are real and legal, and to prevent illegal enterprises from engaging in illegal financing, illegal cross-border fund transfer and other illegal activities with the facilitation measures of import and export of goods。

24. Establishing and improving a financial risk prevention and control system。We will fight hard to prevent and defuse major risks, effectively perform the duties of territorial financial regulation, establish a regional financial regulation coordination mechanism, strengthen the identification of major risks and the prevention of systemic financial risks, crack down on money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion and other financial illegal and criminal activities, and effectively prevent financial risks。

(25) Strengthening risk prevention and control at ports。We will further improve the core capacity building of ports and improve the level of infectious disease prevention and control at ports。Resolutely guard against ecological and environmental risks in foreign economic and trade exchanges, strictly isolate and supervise the introduction of germplasm resources, strictly manage the import of wild animals and plants, and prevent biological invasion from damaging the ecological environment of the island。Strengthen the monitoring of animal and plant diseases at ports, and form a situation of joint prevention and control of disease outbreaks and pests under the cooperation of multiple departments。Improve the personnel information collection and control system, and strengthen the inspection of nuclear, biological and other terrorism-related materials at the exit and entry。

7. Uphold and strengthen the Party's overall leadership over the construction of pilot free trade zones

26. Strengthen Party leadership。We will uphold and strengthen Party leadership over reform and opening up。The Party's leadership runs through the whole process of the construction of the pilot free trade zone,Enhance the "Four consciousnesses",Strengthen the "four self-confidence",自觉维护以习近平同志为核心的党中央权威和集中统一领导,Cultivate and practice core socialist values,Ensure the socialist direction of reform and opening up,Create a sound political environment with clean air and positive atmosphere。海南省要用习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想指导改革开放,坚持全面从严治党,把党的政治建设摆在首位,坚决反对腐败、反对“四风”。

27. Strengthening legal safeguards。The reform policies and measures proposed in this Plan, which involve the adjustment of existing laws or administrative regulations, shall be implemented after unified authorization by the National People's Congress and its Standing Committee or The State Council。All relevant departments should support the pilot free trade zone to deepen the pilot reform and opening up in various fields, increase stress testing, strengthen supervision, prevent and control risks, do a good job in the connection with relevant laws and regulations, reform, repeal and interpretation, and timely solve the problem of institutional guarantee during the pilot process。Hainan Province should strengthen the legislation of special economic zones, establish a management system commensurate with the requirements of the pilot, and establish a fair and transparent legal environment with a complete system。

28. Improving supporting policies。We will improve the personnel development system, build a team of highly qualified and professional cadres, and comprehensively improve personnel services。We will increase support for major infrastructure projects such as water conservancy, ports, airports, highways, railways, and comprehensive hubs。Implement the existing relevant tax policies and give full play to the supporting and promoting role of existing policies。The tax policies that have been piloted in other pilot free trade zones and can be replicated can be piloted in Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone, among which the policies of selective tariff collection and other related import and export taxes to promote trade can be piloted in the special customs supervision area of the pilot free trade zone。The scope of implementation of the special customs supervision area in the pilot free trade zone and the scope of application of tax policies will remain unchanged。We will accelerate the improvement of the policy on land replacement for military and civilian use。

29. Strengthening organization and implementation。In accordance with the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee and The State Council, under the overall coordination of the inter-ministerial Joint meeting on the work of The State Council Pilot Free Trade Zone, Hainan Province will improve the organization and implementation of the pilot task guarantee mechanism, and advance all work in a solid manner in accordance with the principles of overall planning, step by step implementation, taking the lead in making breakthroughs and gradually improving。Policies implemented in other pilot free trade zones, which are in line with Hainan's development orientation, Hainan Province can be approved in accordance with the procedures for pilot free trade zones。All relevant departments should, in accordance with the needs of the construction of Hainan pilot free trade Zone, delegate relevant management authority to Hainan Province in a timely manner, give it full autonomy in reform, strengthen guidance and services, and jointly promote the innovation of relevant institutions and mechanisms。The construction of the pilot free trade zone should better serve and integrate into major national strategies such as the "Belt and Road" construction, maritime power, and military-civilian integration development。It is necessary to take risk prevention and control as the bottom line, establish and improve the comprehensive risk management system and mechanism, improve the risk prevention and control and disposal mechanism, and when introducing relevant policies, it is necessary to thoroughly demonstrate and strictly check, mature one and introduce another, so as to achieve stable, safe and efficient operation in the region。We should adhere to high standards and high quality in the construction of the pilot free trade zone, implement all pilot reform tasks, and truly build the pilot free trade zone into a new highland for comprehensively deepening reform and opening up。Timely request instructions and report to the Party Central Committee and The State Council on major matters。